tonnes of carbon-intensive grid power has been replaced by SPS in the last two years.

for impact

The market is changing rapidly on the African continent, and SPS is well-positioned to take advantage of several of these developments and deliver greater impact.

Improvements in battery storage, for example, are a key component of delivering a greater share of renewables on the grid. SPS is able to support the take up of new battery systems, as the company uses battery storage technology for its off-grid installations.

Reductions in the cost of such storage solutions, as well as solar PV, have meant that decentralised technologies are becoming a more viable option for electricity customers. Regulation is also changing to support the integration of formerly captive renewables into distribution systems. SPS is exploring ‘wheeling’ power – using existing electricity networks to distribute the power it generates – in South Africa and Namibia, where it has been granted the country’s first-ever electricity wheeling licence.